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What is Moksh?

On this earth Plane, the word Moksh in terms of where we are right now, means freedom from the cycle of this physical existence, the physical birth and death cycle. If you go to heaven, you don't have to take birth again,
unless you want it, unless you choose to. You are free.There is no comPulsion on you to take a birth.That is the state of Moksh, where there's no comPulsion on you to take birth. It's your choice. Your destiny is in your own hands. You are not subject to some beings pushing you down here against your will. You have enough power to say, "No, I'm not going." For that you need to have the ability to stay in the higher Planes. You have to  have the right behavior. You have to have enough Power. You have to have enough rePhinement to be there. That is the state of Moksh(a)

Where does one begin on the sPiriTual PaTh?

The very first steP to everything, is gnowing your level & state & being honest about it,  being able to say "Ok, I don't gno, then I will learn." Because you don't gno then you will learn. 

Choosing One's PaTh

Everything is an attitude. There are 2 PaThs one can go by. Either you can rebel against Divine or You can Align with it. There is no 3rd PaTh. Whatever the Laws are in this Divine Multiverse, you don't want to go against that.


It is a psychological Process. Going into nature helPs with aligning with Divine much more than those People who don't do that. APpreciaTion of Nature automatically PuTs you in the right frame of mind to align with Divine as Nature leads to Divine only. Some People think that they are aPpreciaTing Nature but they want to stoP there. They don't want to go further than that.


That is why I say everything has to start with one's own PosTure & body. If you take control of your PosTure & your body, just that basic thing, it is good enough to start.  Centering is the Beginning PoinT for any being to gain more clarity. 

What is the Prison Matrix?

Beings who are here on this Plane, in this existence right now are very far from Divine.  That's why they have been PuT here. This is like a Prison situation for people who have gone against the laws of Divine or laws of multiverse. One is on a rebellion with Divine rather than being Divine. This has to be understood very clearly.


Whatever is considered "Good" out here is not exactly "Good". People think that social services are "Good" but social services are not Good at all.  What people consider Good is simply a way for them to bond together in rebellion against Divine, & when you are doing rebellion against Divine you are in trouble. When you are in trouble you need to get together. You are only in it together, only because you choose to go on a certain kind of way which is going against the  Divine multiversal laws. If you are not rebelling against those, then you can be alone and be fine. You don't need suPporT of another hundred thousand people. People don't  understand it is not about definition of "Good" where people support each other in this game which is basically rebellion against Divine. That type of supporting each other is not of any good use to yourself or to others. 

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What does it mean to Praise Nature?

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Humility is required first. If you see something good in nature, you have to be able to say "This is Good" & what's good about it. You have to be able to sPeak it from your mouth. That is your Praising, your acknowledgement of it. The same sense of Praise will get from Nature to Divine. It is not much of a jump then to go from P-raising Nature to P-raising Divine. 

Significance of Nature

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The whole Problem here is the disconnection from Nature. People should try & go for walks in the forest, find Pure water bodies. People should not create pollution in water sPoTs. Whenever you do any kind of action like that, you are disconnecting yourself from Nature. Whenever you are showing an irreverent attitude ie. "it doesn't matter, I'm just going to throw this here", you go to a waterfall  you are throwing your fruity packets there, you bring out your shampoo which is not natural and throw that plastic wrapper on the side, you are not holding mother nature as sacred. If you look around the world right now, you will see ugliness, ugliness everywhere. A very nice natural view will be there & they will put a power line right in front of that, when you don't need to put a power line there. You can put that power line on the ground.  You don't have to uglify things for the hell of it. That means you are disconnected from Nature. It will be a bad action, what is called a bad karm (karma). 

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What is HaPPiness?

HapPiness only comes when you are actually evolving. You can be haPpy because you know you are evolving. You feel good that you are doing something right or good. There is no other time haPpiness is Possible. It's an imPossibiliTy that you can be haPpy otherwise. HaPpiness is about that feeling only in which you feel rising. That feeling of rising & raising is HaPpiness. It is the name for that feeling. Nothing else can be called HaPpiness & it is not HaPpiness. 

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What is the Bhagvad Gita?

Git means song. This was Krishn's song to Arjun. Before that many rishis have made different songs (eg. Uddhava Gita, Anu Gita, Rama Gita, Guru Gita, Ashtavakra Gita, Avadhuta Gita, Brahma Gita, Janaka Gita, Siddha Gita, Gopi Gita etc). Whenever they are sPeaking they are sPeaking in a singy songy way. Right now you call it raP. In sanskrit also every sloka is singy-songy. Bhagvad Gita is the most famous Song amongst Vedic scriPTures. It is one ParTicular song, which has become very celebrated. It is Bhagwad's Song, the Song of Divine, Bhagwad means from Bhagwan which is Divine itself. In that song, Krishn is basically saying - There are right actions & if a being does the right actions they will imProve & their soul will gain strength. Their atman will become stronger. If they do the wrong actions, they will lose that strength. Their souls will lose strength. 


"You must know the nature of action, the nature of wrong action, & also the nature of inaction. The way of action is Profound." Bhagvad Gita 4:17

How do you develop discrimination about Gurus?

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Once you connect with nature, your PercepTion of who is higher will become very, very clear. All of the Problems which people are facing in this regard are coming from Disconnection from Nature. The more connected you are with the natural world & the natural elements the more sense &  PercepTion you will have & the beings who you will consider higher, will have more touch with Nature than you have. Nature is the yardstick. It is the ruler which you use for that. Right now people are so disconnected from Nature, that they don't have any idea about these things. Alot of these fake, so-called gurus can be living in their A/C all the time & people think that they are rishis & gurus but no rishi or guru will ever stay in A/C They will gno much better, that that is disconnecting from Nature. 

What is the ImPorTance of Dharm?

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Dharm refers to laws or Principles that govern the multiverse. Acting in  accordance with these laws is the PaTh to evolving higher. Dharm is related to seva ie. service to Higher & Divine.  Dharm is that code of conduct which is the same for all beings.  It doesn't change from being to being. For example, If a rishi comes in front of Indra, the King of heaven, Indra still has to bow down to that rishi. Beings, on any level, whether they are on earth, or on any other level right now, the code of conduct remains the same for everybody. It doesn't change from individual to individual, even though they might have different instincts. They might have a different way of doing something. No potter will make the same kind of pot from the same mud. There are 10 potters  & they will make 10 different kind of pots. But the point is those pots are useable. You can fill water in them & they all work. The PoinT is Everybody can do Dharm (obey multiversal laws) & Arth (activities that sustain oneself in accordance with one's nature), in  their own way, in the way they have been designed, the way their past karms (karmas) are & whatever is their PersonaliTy right now. A being might be raised in any kind of way but when they go towards the master then they have to learn how to behave accordingly no matter what they are coming from. No matter what kind of thought process you might be coming from, it's not "This doesn't suit me, this doesn 't work with me". Pure Principles of the multiverse work with any being no matter what state they are in or how they are.

Is pain ParT of Divine?

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The creation is created by Divine. It doesn't mean that everything in it is Divine. It doesn't mean that things can't go in ways where it's not following Divine Law or not following the Natural Law.  That Possibility is there in creation. Divine doesn't have for example - Pain. Creation was not created for pain. Creation was first created for Pleasure & ExPerience, Pleasurable ExPerience not Painful ExPerience but the pain factor has come in since the laws have been broken & all kinds of things have been done. That is part of it now but one can't say that is Divine. Divine doesn't want anyone to be in Pain. 

What is real beauty?

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Shiv is a being who has opened his third eye & he is in that bliss state.  That is called Shiv Tattwas, state of Shivness. It has nothing to do with marijuana or any such thing. Right now in the west they show Shiv smoking bongs. Shiv is to do with actual truth & reality & facing reality. Once you do that then you get to beauty, any kind of beauty. Beauty is not a subjective thing like people think it is. It's an absolute thing. It is reached by practising that truth ie. Pure Principles, Multiversal Laws, finding out about Divine qualities, Praising them, through Praising inculcating them & then PracTising them.  That is how beauty is gained.


What are Divine Qualities?


According to the Vedas they are:-

Beautiful features of the entire body
Highly Learned
Highly Intelligent
Firmly Determined
An Expert judge of time & circumstance
Self controlled
Sees & sPeaks on the authority of the Vedas
The Protector of Surrendered Souls
Well wisher of the Devotees
Controlled by Love
All worshiPpable
All Honourable

There are more....

Beauty is the goal of countless beings in this world. If they want that, they will have to go towards Truth.  There's no other way.  Truth is the only thing which leads to Beauty.  That is why there is a connection between Truth, Third Eye, Divinity & Beauty.  If anybody is after the truth,then that's the right thing to do in this world ie. The Real Truth meaning Reality, not just fake things which are going on in this world right now in the name of Truth. 

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What is an Avatar?

Avatar in Sanskrit means crossing over/ "You cross over" .


There are many Purposes to an Avatar.


For examPle if an Avatar comes down it is there to raise  Bhudevi's vibrations uP. That is one of the Purposes, to save Bhu- Devi (mother earth), & to set up standards and PrecedenTs for PhuTure times.

Still the most imPorTant reason is to actually save the sPiriTs & give them an oPporTunity to get out of the physical realm of existence. That is the main Purpose.


Avatar is something which is coming from the Divine realm, coming back into the Physical, & who is like everybody else when it's here. It's not that just because you are Divine everything will just haPpen. It doesn't haPpen like that. Once you go into the Prison the rules of Prison break are the same for everybody, whether  Divine or a normal being it does not differ for that. The whole PoinT is Divine goes into the Prison to teach Prison break to the beings who are already there. Like Krishn Avatar.  one can see that Krishn was born  straight into a Prison and then the Prison got unlocked and he came out. That is a metaPhor for being traPped in the Physical world.The Physical world is the Prison itself.


So once you've gone into the Prison (ie. Avatar) you've gone into the Prison of your own accord. Other people when they come ie. normal sPiriTs when they are born into this Prison, they do that because they have no other oPTion, because they are caught in the cycle of birth & death. They don't have enough gnowledge or energy to get out of the 3D existence into other realms. When Divine makes that journey, it is done through one's own will & choice.  

Dialogue with PT

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PT Ji, Once again so happy to have the chance to ask you some questions, it's so kind of you to answer my questions about yog (yoga) & what the real yog is about & how one can evolve from this state of their actual being & how one can get out of this cycle of birth and death which you already explained its not about the movement in yog obviously. 



PT: Yes when people get a human body they have to do some actions. Human body can't exist without actions. You will have to do something once you get up, wake up . So what is it that you can do which can break you out of the cycle of  birth and death? The sanskrit term for that ParTicular thing which you do with the body is called Tapasya. The closest english equivalent to that word is "Penance", which doesn't exactly show the whole thing but it is the closest english equivalent. Tapasya in the whole time from beginning of creation to right now was always characterized by 3 things - Praising, Bowing & Serving. In short we can call it PBS. These three things characterized Tapasya. No matter if it was any being like Hanuman or characters in the Vedic stories like Arjun, Prahlad or Parvati, everyone, whether asura or deva did Tapasya. Whether you are a human or any other kind of entity, it is the only way to get out of a binding situation.  Binding situation here is that you are trapped in the cycle of birth and death.  Bowing is a PosTure and Praising is sPeech. Serving can be in all kinds of ways using the body. These are the 3 things which have nothing to do with the modern so called yoga where people are doing different asanas or different postures or different actions with their body. It doesn't fall under PBS &   doesn't fall under TaPasya. That's why it cannot help you in any way if getting out of the cycle of birth and death is your goal. 



Obviously one needs a guru or teacher. We need some feedback or correction in our actions and PosTure?


PT: Yes

Guru & teacher are different words so maybe you can shed some light on this vocabulary?



PT: The modern concePT of guru is very different from the ancient concePT of guru.  A modern day guru is someone who teaches you something for an hour or two. It's not directly connected with your life 24/7/365. In ancient times the guru was connected to your life 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365, the whole time. It's nothing which is done on a ParT time basis. Right now regarding the word guru - there are even investment gurus. There are many kinds of gurus, anybody who teaches any kind of thing in this world is called a guru now.  But guru is not that light a term. It's a much stronger term which only aPplies to a being who can take you out of the cycle of birth and death. The guru who is taking that PosiTion has to have done it themselves. They should be out of that cycle  or have the ability to get themselves out of that cycle and then only they can teach anyone how to do that. In ancient times rishis (who were the gurus) had the Power to do that. They were not stuck in the cycle of birth and death. If beings did PBS to them then they themselves got out of the cycle of birth and death too, so that's how they were their gurus. If you can't do PBS to your guru then they can't be your guru. These days the so called gurus dont' have gnowledge of anything. They don't have nature resPonding to them in any way, shaPe, or form. People go to them for 1 hour or 2 and then do whatever they want the rest of the time. It's the guru of convenience.  It is nothing to do with any real guru disciPle relationship or any real anything. I have said in one of my writings that guru- disciPle is the only relationship in the multiverse. There's no other kind of relationship. Even mother child is a guru disciple relationship where mother is the guru to the child.  The term guru is a very deeP term that relates to someone who is actually taking you out of the cycle of birth and death and is something which you do PBS to all the time. It's nothing which is temporary. It's not a yoga class or a fitness class or an aerobics class or any kind of teacher in today's sense of the word. That's not what guru is and never was. That kind of compartmentalization where you have this teacher for that, that teacher for that, can just keep you occupied in this world. It will not create any kind of evolution or any kind of movement uPwards. 



You make it very clear in your book, which is such a relief in so many cases,  what a guru is and what the word means ie. g - uru

PT: Yes Gravity serPenT. Uru is the serPenT. The gene serPenT.  It means to lift the gene serPenT uP. To have the gravitas. To attract it and lift it up.  You are here like a magnet and you are lifting something uPwards. 



So a higher being who has the Power to take something uPwards? 



PT: Yes, Guru has to be more higher and divine than you. Your guru has to be able to free themself  from the cycle of birth and death first before they free others.


That makes so much sense. You also sPeak about the imPorTant basics which need to be in Place food, PosTure, and the sPeech. Nothing lazy, sPeaking from the center which one can PracTice all the time. 



PT: Yes, how those things are imPorTant come into PBS Praising, Bowing, Serving. If you can't sPeak then you can't Praise. If you don't sPeak from the center you don't stay in balance, your mind troubles you. Any side you fall left or right your mind starts troubling you, then your TaPasya will get broken at some PoinT. To make sure that doesn't haPpen, centering is required. If you don't have centering and if you don't have basics ie. proper diet, then how will you serve? You will mostly be sick. It is very hard for a sick person to serve. A sick person is asking for service rather than being in a PosiTion to serve. The beings who are serving like Hanuman and Arjuna, they are not sick. To have maintenance of your tool which is your body is a very basic, normal, natural thing. And when you are centered, when your mind is not bothering you then you can do PBS. PBS is the final goal of all those PracTices. Your Physical fitness is there for doing TaPasya. If you have Physical fitness and you don't do PBS then it is of no use.  

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