PT - Prashant Trivedi

Avatar for the Age of Aquarius

PT aka Prashant Trivedi aka Prash Trivedi is ushering in a Vedic revolution on this Plane-T.

 He is considered by many to be the world's foremost authority on Jyotish & Vedic wisdom.

 His ancestral background includes notable Sanskrit scholars, writers, astrologers and Ayurvedic practitioners.


From a very young age he was surrounded by ancient  vedic mythology & cosmology.

 He pursued his higher education at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi.

 After completing his degree, he received an invitation to undertake a spiritual pilgrimage to meet the Elders of the Hopi native American Indian tribe of Arizona. His time with the Hopi Elders was of deep collective significance & heralded new times for this Plane-T.

 Over the last 20 years PT 's footsteps have graced every corner of Mother Earth, honoring her & spreading his sonic healing musical vibrations.

 He has been teaching the imPorTance of approaching Vedic science in the way it was  originally intended.


He is here to help us develop an honest foundation, something that needs to be introduced back into the world of Vedic Astrology and modern spiritual teachings .

PT is able to provide PracTical direction & teach the Dharma (Timeless Laws of this Multiverse).

 In 2000 in New York he formed OSFA - Orion School & Foundation for Astrology.

His astrological works  are recognized by experts around the world to be the most indePTh on highly inscrutable topics such as lunar nodes and nakshatras. These books are part of an essential library for  vedic astrologers and include "The Key of Life - Astrology of the Lunar Nodes", "Sun, The Cosmic Powerhouse", "The 27 Celestial Portals" (aka "The Book of Nakshatras").

PT has appeared on numerous media outlets including online, British & US radio & television, Indian & Nepalese television & has been a speaker  at international  events and festivals.

He has performed on musical stages in New York & London,  having released his debut album "Outer Edge of Musiverse" under the band name BeOmega (2004) .

 His free Sonic Plays  & film archives can be experienced at Lotus Ocean (You Tube).

PT receives unique responses from nature including croP circle Phenomena & Rainbow ResPonses. There are hundreds of these documented resPonses  at  Lotus Ocean You Tube.

PT's teachings bring an awareness of ourselves which is rarely touched uPon in newage, religious, spiritual communities.


He has Published "P's giTa", a new ScriPTure for these times. These teachings  are essential Truths for anybody interested in their sPiriTual evolution.