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Lotus Ocean Meditation Classes in Sydney 2021

Lotus Ocean Classes
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All are welcome to LotusOcean Meditation sessions, conducted free of cost.

Pioneered by Prashant Trivedi, LotusOcean Meditation is about the timeless Vedic style of meditation expressed in Present day context. 


Sessions include centering the body & speech, connecting with nature & right dietary information, how to achieve body control, clarity, Peace of mind & enhancement of senses. 


Practical & achievable, LotusOcean Meditation aims to bring this ancient scientific way to the foreground & help improve

the quality of life for one and all. 


Enquiries : Ankeeta on 0416 580 351 or contact LotusOceanAustralia

Questions & Answers with PT

The Essential PaTh to Evolution


Divine Master PT Avatar 

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Timeless Wisdom by PT on life's most interesting & imPorTant questions.

P's giTa - ScriPTures for the Now

Translated into several languages, this is the core essence of vedic knowledge and wisdom for the Present Time and age. A must-read before one explores the timeless vedic texts & systems of knowledge like Jyotish, Yog, Ayurved, Tantra, Mantra, Yantra etc. The book which should be read before a single word of Jyotish is learnt. The Absolute Basic Truths and Essentials for this day and age.

PT sPeaks


PT discusses the imPorTance and Purpose of Human Birth & exPlains what it means to be an Avatar.

the imPorTance of a Real Guru

PT clarifies this confusing toPic with effortless


LotusOcean Sound & Light 

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